Wildfire Location Map (EOSDIS based)

EOSDIS Near Real-Time Fire Data (24 hrs – North America)


On this website, individuals will be able to signup for SMS alerts in case of fire in areas they designate. Residents will finally have an easy way to track fires in their area, and in areas of importance to them, with the help of their neighbors, first responders, and satelite imagery.

Designate any important locations in your life and receive an alert in the case of a fire threat in that area.


Home: 200 Main Street, Orange, CA 90000
Office location: 100 Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 90000
Mom’s home: 555 Main Street, Las Vegas NV   89100
My sisters home: 123 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 90000
Grandma’s home: 300 Main Street, Long Island, NY


For the NASA-apps Challenge I’ve pulled data from the NASA EOSDIS Near Real Time Data for Active Fire Data. I output the North American data for the last 24 hours as a KLM layer and imported it into Google Maps with a fire icon. Clicking on any of the icons gives satelitte data on any of the fires.

Next I created GPS location points that would be captured by a local resident with our app showing sightings of the fire from roads in the area. Our app will eventually allow for a resident of the area to take photos, upload them to the server with a designation of how intense the fire is from their vantage and how far it appears to be from them (The capture point on the blue line indicate resident geolocation capture points of gps from photos or from our Locate me feature).

The red polygon represents GPS data that would be from a first responder using our 1st Responder Tracking feature, which allows us to track and plot them based on a timed ping of their location, as well as by any photos they may upload while on the current fireline.